7:06 PM


The final exam has ended..Thank God..
Feel a bot relief.
No need to read the notes.
No need to stay up till midnight.
No need to revise anything.
No need to open the book.
No need to do anything related to study.
Yes. I'm happy for that.

Yesterday, at last. Finished the last paper.
Whatever it is..They're all done.
Result? Don't bother to think at the moment.
Dh dekat2 nnt br pk.
So..What's next??
There's a plan for this Saturday (Today)
Go to Puncak Janing.
We did enjoy there.
BBQ..Lunch together..Jumping..Sliding..Screaming..All together..
A bit tired..
Tomorrow..going home..(hopefully)
After about two weeks..will be here again..
Malas tol..

Beberapa gambar ketika bergembira..

It's me... ^_^




p/s: Happy Holiday to all my Friends..n also to Cohort 4..Jmpe lg di lain waktu..


chris_lim said...

waa so fun!

MohdIzwan said...

chris_lim: yurpp...it was soooo fun...tambah plak dh abeh exam kn...mmg njoy abeh laa... ^_^

Ayuni said...

bestnye korg pegi mandi.pegi tak ajak. T_T

nyway hepy holiday! t8 care ;)

MohdIzwan said...

Ayuni: best2... ^_^
epi oliday too..