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Penang World Music Festival II

We are the "Schleppers"....Yeahh!!!

Finale....some of the performers....

Diplomats of Drums....energatic

This is Kumpulan Merdu Suara Kinabalu....from Sabah

This is Kumpulan Dendang Anak from Terengganu....

This is a performance from the group named Taeda.....

This the first group performed for the music festival...This is Dya Singh....amazing...
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Penang World Music Festival

On 2nd to 4th May, there was a world music festival in Taman Kuari, Penang. The festival was really exciting. There were many groups of musician came from all over the world including Malaysia.

This year, I am one of the volunteers for this music festival same as for last year. But this year my job is slightly different with last year. This year we, 20 of volunteers are called "Schleppers".
We stayed at the backstage, carried the instrument for the artists and anything regarding the artists and the stage. Luckily this year it was not raining during the festival. As for last year, it was raining heavily for the 3 days festival.

Here I gave my review or comment for each group which had performed for the festivals.

DYA SINGH (Penang/Australia)
This is the first group performed. The music is quite interesting but there's no much excitement. Maybe it looked unique as the musician is consist of the Australian.

TEADA (Ireland)
This group performed for each night. The genre of music is slightly like the country. I dont like so much for this kind of music.

The song that sang by this group is interesting. The music is 'berunsurkan Ketuhanan'. The harmonise is also interesting.

There's not much excitement for me for this group. Same like the other group which come from USA.

AFENGINN (Denmark)
I like this group very much. The music is very unique. I was told that the genre of music for this group is Punk Bastard. I like the tempo of the music because it started with the slow tempo and suddenly became fast and then back to slow. I also like the dynamic applied in the music. They had performed for the first and last night.

SALEM TRADITION (Reunion Islands)
This group also bring the music of 'Ketuhanan' but in their own way.

This group performed for the second night. They played the medley songs which consist of 'lagu melayu tradisional'.

BADILA (Iran, India, France)
The performance from this group was so energetic. The dancer danced very gracefully and energetic. They got a big run of applause from the audience.

Most of the members of this group I think are the Singh. I think the genre of music for this group is bangra. Eventhough the music was out of tempo at the one part, maybe the audience didnt realise it but they just enjoy the music played. By the way, it was really exciting.

KRIES (Croatia)
This group performed the last for the second night. As for me, it was quite bored. Frankly I dont like the music. I just have this in my mind at that night, 'bila la nk habis nie'. They had performed for an hour. God!

I like the harmonise that made by the singer from this group.

Waa...this group had performed the last for the third night. It was really full of excitement, enjoyment and...everything la..hehehe...the performance was really energetic. The 2 dancers were really energetic. The audience too dancing with them in frot of the stage. What a really excitement ending at that night.

I think, become the volunteers is such a good exposure. We could gain as many experience during the festival. By the way, you could also be there at the festival, 3 days for free...hehehe... Read More ..