8:00 PM

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Now...after about 1 year..it comes again...it comes with full of blessed...it's the month that everyone is waiting for...during this month...a lot of things can be done...hopefully...this Ramadhan would bring a lot of benefit to us...I wish 'Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak' to all the Muslims around the world.... :) Read More ..
9:41 PM

What the Heck!!!

Why it always happen to me???
Who can answer for me???
It always occur in my life...
when it happens...
I'll feel guilty..
I dunno...
just dont want to offend others...
but...it will come back to me...
dunno why...
Am I too sensitive???
I dunno...
...............................
10:45 PM

Hang out

Today I went out to Seberang Jaya..I went there with my brother..M and also Paap...M, my brother and I fetch Paap at Butterworth bus station and then went straight away to Sunway Carnival, Seberang Jaya...we arrived there at about 1 o'clock..then..we decided to buy the tickets to watch the movie..after bought the ticket..we went down to the lower ground floor and had our lunch at KFC..today's lunch was quite special..because..it was paid by M..all of us got a dinner plate each..thank you M.. :D after finished our lunch..we went to watch the movie..'Rogue' the movie was quite interesting..full of suspense...after finished watched the movie...we went to the surau to perfom the Zohor prayer..after that..we just had some walk around the mall...and we went to Butterworth to send Paap to the bus station..unfortunately..the ticket was at 6.45 pm..and at that time it was just 5 pm..so..M decided to go to Subaidah..after had some 'refreshment'..we went back to the bus station..after that..we went home...I prayed at M's house and went home afterwards..Anyway..hope to see u guys afterwards...especially M...see u next year...*boley kamu belanja lagi pasni...hehehe...*

Me...M...Paap...in front of the surau at the Sunway Carnival..

Me n M...inside the bride's room

Sourvenirs that I got from Korea...thanx M....

10:18 PM


Date: 12/8/2008 Time:8.30 p.m Venue: The King's Hall Few days ago..the TEYL-TESL's committee had organised an activity for the Teyl and Tesl students in IPP...it is called TESL NIGHT...with the theme of ENCHANTED...the night was awesome...it was full of excitement...all of the students came with the costumes...it was really nice to see them in the different kind of costumes...some of the students were very creative where they made the costumes by themselves...the performances at that night were full of enjoyment...everybody in the hall at that night were enjoying the performances including the lecturers and also the director...(thank you for coming) The event finished almost at twelve o'clock including the process of cleaning the hall... Here are some of the pictures that I got for the night...

The pirate..

The Zorro with The Witch

The Zorro with his couple for that night

The Zorro with his roommate (Ally iskandar)

The last pose

The Devil...

The....the..errr....dont have any idea...sorry faz..ahakz..

The three....dunno...

The Shrek@ The King of the night

The Cleopatra

The terrorist

Sheikh Abdul Ghani@ Mr. Ganesan (the lecturer of Eng Department)

The Zorro with The Bee@ The Queen of the night

Princess Fiona

The cute Pinnochio

The Flinstone

The Phantoms
Ryu the warrior

10:11 PM

New gadjet~

I went to PC fair at PISA last week...and as a result...I got a new gadjet...TOSHIBA EXTERNAL HARD DISC (160gb)...the price is ok and it is worth because with that price, I got the hard disc, the casing and also the leather casing as protection...after this, I can store as many things I want...hehehe.....

The new hard disc....

11:11 PM

~~Kata-kata Hati~~

Dalam hidup
cinta boleh datang dan pergi
ketawa kerananya, senyum kerananya, nangis semahunya,
bermula dengan persahabatan
segelintirnya pula hanya sedar
apabila ianya telah hilang
semata-mata untuk rasa dihargai
ada yang percaya
cintanya kekal untuk selamanya
but some of us
finally they realize that
life is not a fairy tale
and need to start to move on
demi sebuah impian
tidak salah untuk kita berkorban
bila mana hati kita rapuh menghadapi realiti
nangis, nangis dan nangis semahunya
tapi jangan biarkan hati kita terus berubah
sejauh mana pun kita kenal
hati budi seseorang
kita tetap tidak boleh membuat penilaian
in life, we have to learn to let go
the more we did the more we missed
bermula dengan hati, angan dan mimpi
sebesar mana pun kedudukan kita
segagah prinsip mampu goyah
because of love
because we are human beings
mudah lemas bila cintanya lemah
kita harus kuatkan hati
percaya naluri
and just admit it
12:59 AM

Pertandingan Nasyid Piala Naib Canselor Peringkat IPT Zon Utara 2008

On 1st August 2008, there was a nasyid competition in UUM for the IPT in the North zone. There were about 13 groups participated in the competetion. There were 2 qualification round which are in the morning and in the afternoon. We are representing our institute for the competition. We are named YA LAM LAM, what a unique name. After the the qualification round ended, we were very surprised because we were one of the team that qualified to go to the final. WE MADE IT TEAM. GOOB JOB. Then, the final was at night. I was quite nervous before went up on the stage. All the team that went to the final round were the best. They performed the best at that night. For the final result, the winner is from UiTM Pulau Pinang. The 2nd place is group from UUM, UTAMA and the 3rd place is group from UniMAP, In Soff. We?? We just got the consolation prize.BUT...we got another prize...We got "ANUGERAH KHAS JURI"...wow...it really amazed all of us. It was beyond our expectation. GOOD JOB YA LAM LAM..After this..we have to make sure that the VICTORY IS OURS!!!

Good Job Team....Go YA LAM LAM!!!

The instrument that I played~~~