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Date: 12/8/2008 Time:8.30 p.m Venue: The King's Hall Few days ago..the TEYL-TESL's committee had organised an activity for the Teyl and Tesl students in IPP...it is called TESL NIGHT...with the theme of ENCHANTED...the night was awesome...it was full of excitement...all of the students came with the costumes...it was really nice to see them in the different kind of costumes...some of the students were very creative where they made the costumes by themselves...the performances at that night were full of enjoyment...everybody in the hall at that night were enjoying the performances including the lecturers and also the director...(thank you for coming) The event finished almost at twelve o'clock including the process of cleaning the hall... Here are some of the pictures that I got for the night...

The pirate..

The Zorro with The Witch

The Zorro with his couple for that night

The Zorro with his roommate (Ally iskandar)

The last pose

The Devil...

The....the..errr....dont have any idea...sorry faz..ahakz..

The three....dunno...

The Shrek@ The King of the night

The Cleopatra

The terrorist

Sheikh Abdul Ghani@ Mr. Ganesan (the lecturer of Eng Department)

The Zorro with The Bee@ The Queen of the night

Princess Fiona

The cute Pinnochio

The Flinstone

The Phantoms
Ryu the warrior


Syam said...

Good to see TSB's Vest still being put =)

MohdIzwan said...

Hehehe...make full use of it....