1:05 PM

The Exam

The exam is just around the corner..
There are only 2 days left before the exam starts..
Oh my God..
Help me plss..
I'm really..really not ready for the exam..
The preparation??
I don't think that I prepare well for that..
I will not surprise if the result later..
either drop or worse than before..
but I'll be surprised if the result maintain the same or even better..
How lucky am I if the result is better or maintain than previous exam..
I'm really scared..
Really scared..
But..what to do..
I'm lazy to study..
Padan la muka...

p/s: Good Luck to all Cohort 5 for the coming exam..All da best~~


oh nanan! said...

gudluck oney!
all the best ya~ :)

MohdIzwan said...

oh nanan!: gud luck utk kmu juga... :)