4:36 PM

Dinner YAB

Last night, there was a dinner at City Star Hotel in Alor Star..
The dinner was organized by JPM DPP YAB..
I'm one of the committee members for the dinner..
Theme for the dinner is "Black n White"
There were quite lots of people turn out for the dinner..
The dinner was not bad..
We did enjoy the dinner..
The food was delicious too..love the prawn very much..
And another thing..
I was very lucky last night..
I got the lucky draw..and the gift was a hamper..not bad.. :)
Here are some photos of that night..

Syazwana...one of the dancers..

Hakim n Sya...

King of the night..

Staffs and students..

All mix..

Amed, Kimi and the girls..

No yg bertuah..

The hamper.. :)

p/s: hope that the dinner will be more grand next time.. :)


Anonymous said...

Bila dah kerja di sekolah nanti..
Kau akan rindu segala kenangan di UUM..


MohdIzwan said...

teachernabil: ermm..btol tue..agree!