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Tgh dok surf2...jmpe la poem nie...

"I don't understand
why is life so complicated.
they like you, they don't
they appreciate you ,they don't
they care about you they don't
how am i supposed to know ?
sometimes i realize that i am special and loved and sometimes i am lost.
Because i am too shy to understand this.
the pain of the past is still in my head.
what should i do?"

Gloria Tamaniya


Ayuni said...

oney.mengapakh entry anda sumanya agk emosional lately?

wuteva it is.be tough oke? saba.saba.

MohdIzwan said...

ayuni: ntah la...aku pon tatau...aku men type je..ble bc..dh jd cmtue...hahaa...

norfaridahanum said...

be strong weyh!!=)

MohdIzwan said...

anum: thanx fren.. ^_^