12:54 AM


perasaan bercampur baur..
semuanya ada laa...
Kdg2 rasa jiwa kosong plak..
semua perasaan tue seakan-akan tak wujud..
Mereka seakan-akan menjauhkan diri dr aku..
Aku rs kan spt aku tak punya sesapa..
I'm here alone..

That's me..
Even though there're a lot of people around me..
I feel like I'm invisible..
I can't be seen..
I talked to them..but they never listened..
I waved to them..but the couldn't see..
I lived with them..but they couldn't live with me..
I don't know what's wrong with me..
Did I do something wrong?
Maybe...who knows..
I may not have much time to be there..
I may not have enough space to do that..
I can't entertain everyone...
I can't do that..
Do they even care to entertain me?
Do they aware of what I felt?
I don't know..
But they know the answer..
They are the only person that answer the question..
I'm really sorry..
I'm so so sorry..
For what I've done..
For everything that I've done wrong..
I'm not that good..
I'm not what you expected..
I'm so sorry..
Thanx for the memories..
Thanx for all the memories that we've gone through..
You'll always be in my mind..