2:51 PM

It's Your Birthday

Yeah..today is your birthday..
I've been waiting this moment for so long..
It takes about a year to come to this moment..
And today..
It's your birthday..
You've appeared in my life since last year..
I was really shocked at first..
Then..from time to time,
I could accept it..
You become a part of my life..
I'm so happy that today is you birthday..
I can't celebrate it with you..
I'm so sorry..
I'm so sorry for not being there for you..
I'm too busy with my business here..
I've tonnes of works to be done..
Whatever it is..
You still in my heart..
Always..n forever...
I love you..

Balkis dh umo setahun...
Yeaa..Balkis dh besho...
Nnt Balkis besho blaja rajin2 tau..
Jgn nakal2..
Nnt abg bg adiah... ^_^

Layankan je gmba2 nie... :)

Di saat awal2 dlu...kecik je lg...rambut pon x bpe nk ada lg..

"Please...please love me~~"

"Seronok gak ek dok atas bnde alah nie.."

"Pehal bro?Mau gado??Wa nak makan pon x sng.."

"Oh..aku diperlakukan sebegini.. ^_^"

Comel tak?

Dah besar sket...dah pndi bergaya...


"Cantikkan kereta saya??" (pdhl bkn dia punya pon)

Ini kek birthday dia..Ada kartun2..

Upacara memotong kek..

"Hai..Nama saya Norlaila Balkis...Saya sudah berumur 1 tahun... (^_^)v"


qhais said...

alalalaaaa...comeylnye... :)

Oh Nanan said...

alaa comel nya balkis pakai tudung. nanti da besar boleh msk geng scarflets. hehe

Happy birthday cutie! :D

MohdIzwan said...

qhais: comel kn??spt abg nye juge...lalalaaa~~

nanan: kan..kan..kan..
bg la adiah..die tggu adiah dr ko inan.. :P

shasha said...

comeeeeeeeeeeeelll gile..hapy bday balkis!