10:30 PM

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It's been a while I haven't updated this blog..
I'm kind of a bit busy with so many things..
I'm so sorry my dear blog..
For not visiting you..
I visit you..
Are you happy??
Please be happy ya.. :)  
The 7th week of lecture is going to end soon.. 
This means.. The Practicum will start soon.. very soon... 
I don't want it..
I don't want it..
I don't want it..
Can I skip this stage?
And I promise I'll come after 10 weeks.. :) 
Sure I can't... 
Never mind.. 
I need to face all these.. 
It's been almost 6 years.. 
6 years of doing so many things..
6 years of learning so many things.. 
It's time to apply it into the classroom.. 
I know.. 
it'll be totally different..
All this while.. 
I just dealt with theories.. 
I just dealt with papers.. 
And this time.. 
I need to deal with human.. 
I need to deal with children.. 
I need to deal with real world situation.. 
Yes..It definitely will be different.. 
When it comes to this stage..
I started to think.. 
I started to reflect.. 
Am I capable to be a teacher? 
Am I capable to teach the students? 
Am I capable to handle the classroom situation? 
Am I capable of doing this? Am I capable of doing that? 
So many thoughts.. 
I take all these as a challenge.. 
I need to face it.. 
By hook or by crook.. 
I have to face it.. 
I can't avoid it..
Oh practicum.. 
You've made me so nervous.. 

 p/s: I wanna enjoy to the fullest for this week..