6:31 PM

It has come to the end.

The 7th semester is going to end soon..
It's means..HOLIDAY..
and it also brings another thing..
Which is...THE EXAM...
I don't really like it..
Go away...I don't want to meet you..

After all..
I felt that I enjoyed myself for the entire semester..
with all things happened..
Thanked God..Alhamdulillah..
I've gone through another semester..
After this..
I just have one more semester left..
And after that..
another life begins..
Apa2 pun..
Kena study..
Exam dah dekat..
But..before that..
I want to have several days..
I want to rest..
I don't want to think about 'academic' at all..
I want to get rid of it for a while..
Shall I?
Ahh..pedulikan laa..
Okay..have a good rest..
See you soon..

p/s: Rehat serehat2nya...