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~~ 5th July 1988 - 5th July 2008 ~~

It seems like 20 years has passed till now ...on the 5th july 1988 at 8.32 p.m. a cute boy was born in Hospital Daerah Teluk Intan, Perak...then the boy was named as MOHD IZWAN BIN ABDUL RASHID...the boy was raised up like the other normal child...at 5 years old...he was sent to the kindergarden (Tadika Kemas Sungai Betul)...he was there for two years...then...when he was seven...he was sent to the primary school...Sekolah Kebangsaan Parit Haji Wahab...he received and learnt so many things from that school...he experienced so many things about life there...he started to have friends...ad many more...after the UPSR's result was announced...he got straight A's for all the subjects...then..he got the offer from the boarding school...he went to Sekolah Menengah Sains Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin, Penang...he managed to stay at the school till he finished there (form 1-form 5)...there were many things he learnt from the secondary school which made him become more matured...at this time...he learnt and knew who were friends and who were enemies...after finished the schooling...he went to the matriculation college at Kepala Batas, Penang...two months later...he got the offer to further his studies at the Teaching College in Penang...the he decided to go there to further his studies...in March 2008...he finished the foundation course for the course that he took...now...he is waiting to go to the class in first year degree after finished the 2 years foundation...Today is his 20th birthday....that's mean..now..he is already 20 years old...it seems like yeaterday he was born and today he is already 20 years old...what a short time...he do not know what is going to happen next...he just can pray and hope that it will be good in future...

After he was born....

After about 10 years later...

Now....he is 20 years old....

There are some birthday wishes that he got from his friends by SMS:

Bezek- Eppy 20th buzday..moga pnjg umur,murah rezeki..;-)

Aisah- Happy bezday fstr,smoga pjg umr n dmrhkn rzki,aammin...

Abg Aisyam- hepi bday 2 u..smoga pjg umo n murah rzeki :-)

Ain- Izwan, Kami dgn sukacitanya mengucapkan SELAMT HARI JADI YG KE-20!Semoga pjg umo murh rzki n mndpt jodoh yg baik!

Mazhad- Happy besday..

Janu- Happy birthday.. :-)

Aunty Noraini- Happy Birthday yg ke-20.semoga apa jua yg dihajati akn dikurniaNya...

Sarah- Onney,hp bday :)

Efa- Hepi birthday! may ALLAH bless u my friend...

Opper- Hppy birthdy wei..


Ijan- Happy Bithday..smoga pnjang umo,mrah rzeki, n hepi2 sokmo.

Miha- Oney.hehe..hepi bday 2 u.huhu.sweet twenty!.

Faz- I prayd 4 u 2dy, gve thx 4 ur life, wishd u d best, askd d heavens 2 bless u wif gewd health n hepyns. I sent u gewd thoughts, surrounded u wf hope, faith n love. I askd d earth 2 be gewd 3 u, n I askd Him 2 show u His perfect wy n path. I prayd 4 u 2dy n 4ever I will n always. Hepy birthday. Takecare coz I do care. May 20th brthdy brings u prosperous days ahead.

Hakim- weh oney...hapi bsday! haha...

Aji- Epi beday 2 yu, epi beday 2 u, epi beday 2 oney, epi beday 2 u. . .(nyanyi dengan riwayat shi sha sha) huahuahua

Paan- Tamales irah idaj uk tabahas..Tagni kan taub apul, kan esirpus kose, ipat kat puggnas.

Hazrul- oit. hepi besday..hampir2 trlpe ak..hehe..

Orange- Epy birthday oney.sweet 20.may God bles u and showering u wif prosperity...

There were also wish from the friends in Frindster:

Mat Arep
-Magic Kitty-

Thanx guys 4 da wish...really appriciate it... :)